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Lisa Santiago McNeill | CEO | Publisher | Coach | Speaker


Publishing &


Who are We

Since 2016 More than 150 books have been birthed through Empowerment Publishing and Multimedia. Our mission is to help amazing people with something to say get their word out in a consumable way.


We help them become subject matter experts, we help them to become recognized authorities, we help them to educate, and we help them to share the good news that is within them.


Cafeteria style.  You decide.

Who am I

I am Lisa Santiago McNeill, I am a best-selling published author, speaker, hybrid - PUBLISHER and coach.


I self-published in May of 2016.  I held several events to showcase my book and obtained a tremendous amount of positive feedback and awards.  I was frequently asked could I help someone else publish. My answer... of course.  

Since then, I have assembled an amazing team and published over 150 books from May 2016 to March 2024.  I have also continued to learn how to best serve my clients, building businesses and non-profits with their books and now adding value with our Audio books division. 

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Also managing & producing quality audio and video events for them as well. We are able to clone YOUR voice or a cast of characters for you, produce, record, edit and format your audio project along with publishing it on Audible, Google Play, Amazon & iTunes for you.  Like all of our services, we only do the parts you don't want to do yourself.


Schedule at call or zoom and let's get your journey JUMP-STARTED.

Our Services

We help you to navigate the process to make your book a successful reality so that you can make the impact of your dreams!! Get what you NEED. No more, no less.

Tailored to Your Needs

EPMM customizes its services based on your unique requirements for audience development and story distribution. We streamline the publishing process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Technical Excellence

Leave the technicalities to us EPMM offers services like cover design ISBN copyright formatting book interior design, editing and copy editing to ensure your book is impeccably crafted.

Seamless Integration

Many of our authors evolve into or from coaching roles.  We collaborate to seamlessly integrate your book into your program through or C.A.S.H. ™ Program Systems.  Additionally, we assist in Business Set Up and Non-Profit Establishment.

Diverse Possibilities

Explore various book purposes business, movement passion, tributary and choose from different book types including paperback, hardcover, ebook children's books, online systems, courses and audiobooks complete creation from beginning to end.

Strategic Marketing

Maximize your story's reach with our comprehensive marketing services. From Book Marketing Project Management to Podcasting (formatting and production), Video Podcasts, Magazine Press Releases, One Sheets, Banners, and Business Cards – we've got your promotional needs covered.

We even host showcases to showcase authors to the world!

Empowerment Showcase Magazine
March 2024 edition

Kelly Little

“Lisa’s ability to bring out the best in people, community, and authors in their work is truly remarkable. She has a unique talent for understanding vision and transforming it into a polished, compelling final product. Her prose and editorial skills are exceptional, ensuring that every word, sentence, and paragraph is meticulously crafted to captivate readers and leave a lasting impression."

Quintrice Bratton

"Lisa is so divinely connected to her gift and how she offers herself to the community! She has affectionately empowered my self care needs into the realization of my entrepreneurship! Her divine ability to guide my deepest desires into the light has been life changing! An Angelic guide to help you listen to your own purpose and intention!! Focus through Grace, Trust and Favor is how she helps me settle into my calling!"

Dr. Martha Rushing

“Lisa Santiago McNeill is dedicated, attentive to detail, offers top notch quality. I am always ecstatic every time Lisa creates something for me, wether its helping me publish my best selling books, or creating graphics for my coaching business. She always goes above and beyond my expectations, please connect with Lisa for all your publishing and graphic needs.”

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